Civil Aviation Agency under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan

Reporting system

The Reporting System in SUE"Tajikairnavigation" isdesigned to obtain information about latent deficiencies in the activities ofthe Enterprise, negatively affecting flight safety.

The main purpose of Reporting System isto improve the safety of our Enterprise by collecting data on existing andpotential deficiencies in flight safety, which otherwise would not be presentedthrough other channels.

Reporting System is a system ofvoluntary, non-punitive, confidential reporting of safety incidents to the AirTraffic Organization to enable identification and assessment of associatedrisks, managed by the Safety and Quality of Operations Department. It providesa channel for the voluntary disclosure of the data about the aviation incidentsor hazards related to the Company's activities, without disclosing the identityof the person providing the data.

Regulation on the data reporting system

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