Civil Aviation Agency under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan

State Unitary Enterprise "Tajikairnavigation"

State Unitary Enterprise "Tajikairnavigation" (SUE "TAN") was established by the Government regulation of the Republic of Tajikistan under the № 491 of October 1, 2008 through the separation from the State Unitary Aviation Enterprise "Tajik Air". SUE "TAN" is included in the system of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Tajikistan.

As of the 16th of January 2009, the company is executing activity to meet the needs of airspace users of air navigation service, to provide safe, economic and regular traffic on the airways, local airlines, terminal area (TMA) and civil aviation and in the areas of aviation works within the boundaries of responsibility over the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan.

To achieve these goals, the company carries out planning and coordinating in airspace using, providing dispatch and flight information service as well as alerting. The company is entrusted with monitoring compliance with the rules of use of the airspace of the Republic of Tajikistan and authorizing procedure to use the airspace.

Central office SUE "Tajikairnavigation" is located in Dushanbe and its subsidiaries operate in the cities of Khujand, Kulob and Kurgan-Tube. In addition structure of SUE "TAN" includes air traffic control specialists from aerodrome of local airlines.

In the first year of the independent activity the structure of the enterprise was reorganized within the shortest possible time, in accordance with the new conditions there was redeployment of technical equipment for the projects, a single enterprise domain - was launched. Specialists of the company have developed a "Perspective Plan SUE" "Tajikairnavigation» for 2010-2015.", which subsequently entered the "State target program of development of transport complex of the Republic of Tajikistan until 2020."

In May 2009, by agreement with the Agency of Hydrometeorology of the Republic of Tajikistan, the most old  weather station in the country located in Khujand (organized in 1866), became a part  of SUE  " Tajikairnavigation ", thus  the organization completed a unified system of meteorological service for civil aviation.

To ensure a systematic approach to problem solving, in order to avoid loss of specialists, it was decided to include all air traffic controllers of airfields local airlines in the enterprise personnel, previously transferred to the Local government balance, although due to the small number of flights on domestic routes this category of workers is subsidized by the enterprise.

During the period of operation as an independent company SUE «Tajikairnavigation" served more than 240,000 aircraft operations.


In November 2010, at the request of the European Office of ICAO in Dushanbe, with the experts of the enterprise there was held the fourth meeting of the International Working Group of the ATM within the framework  of implementation of  RVSM “Eurasia” program with representatives of Afghanistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan.

During 2011, the State Unitary Enterprise "Tajikairnavigation" conducted a set of measures aimed at improving the quality and effective flight safety. Among the most important works of the enterprise the commissioning of new technology multi-point observation "MLAT" should be mentioned, which is the most effective tool for surveillance in mountainous terrain. Introduction of MLAT technology allowed the company to manage the flow of aircraft in the north of the country where air traffic services previously were carried out by the Republic of Uzbekistan. Currently, a second phase of MLAT technology is being introduced in the central and southern parts of the country.

In November 17, 2011 together with colleagues in the CIS and Afghanistan regional transition to the new system and the introduction of separation RVSM (RVSM) successfully was implemented. To ensure the transition the air traffic control workstations on all control points of the enterprise were upgraded. The new equipment is fully adapted to the new conditions in the ATS.

The company continues to search for new opportunities and ways to expand the services provided. For the convenience of crews in 2011 a new service Pre-flight information package (PIP) delivery to the aircraft had been introduced.

In 2012, modern digital equipment "ATIS" was installed in Dushanbe designed for uninterrupted automatic transmission terminal and actual meteorological information to aircraft, in Kurgan-Tube was installed automated tracking of the actual weather "Krams." There had been developed and installed training simulator ARM "Master T" providing high-quality training of air traffic controllers.

The regular 25th joint meeting of the Coordinating Council and the Coordination Group of Experts "Eurasia" was held for the first time in Dushanbe from May 22 to May 24 2012. CC "Eurasia" - an organization that brings together CIS air navigation service providers for more than a decade designed to assist in the harmonization of ATS in the vast area east of the ICAO European Region. CC "Eurasia» is a great information and discussion court for professionals’ meeting. Conducting the Meeting in Dushanbe was great honor for our young company and specialists involved in its  organization had a good opportunity of training and experience.


SUE “Tajikairnavigation” management keeps in mind personnel training also. Within 3 years of activity of the enterprise training of 34 young professionals was funded in higher and secondary specialized institutions, 19 were trained in Kyrgyz Republic and 15 in Minsk State Higher Aviation College.

To improve the quality of personnel training newest technology in educational sphere is used: professional distance learning is conducted on the contractual basis in the Siberian branch of Air Navigation Institute (Krasnoyarsk). In general, more than 325 workers have been trained, including in Russia, France and China during the independence of the enterprise.

In order to improve the quality and organizing personnel training, a modern educational complex of enterprise was created, which includes three fully equipped classrooms for language training, professional development and ATC simulator training.

The company provides regular charitable assistance to the poor, disabled person, orphan children of the orphanages and the specialized organizations of the republic. The stuff has warm relations with the "Society of Disabled People" and the "Society of the Blind" in Kurgan-Tube city, "Society of hearing impaired and deaf mute” in Khatlon region RT", "Society of disabled of  Hissar", "Home for senior and disabled citizens Dehmoy" B. Gafurovskiy district, with "Charitable society" Village of peace in Tajikistan " etc.

Airways of the Republic of Tajikistan


Total number of air corridors - 35

Number of air corridors along the border:

  • With Uzbekistan - 26
  • With Kyrgyzstan - 5
  • With Afghanistan - 4