SUE "Tajikairnavigation" - provider of air navigation services of the Republic of Tajikistan

Keep it up!

Keep it up!

The Malaysia Aviation Academy presented the results of the training course "AERODROME CONTROL COURSE", funded by the Agency for International Cooperation of JICA within the framework of the Project for Capacity Development in Air Traffic Services.

According to the official website of the Project Kayum Ikramov, representing the State Unitary Enterprise "Tajikaironavigation", was selected by MAvA as "Best student of the course".

Currently Kayum Ikramov is ATC of CA Joint ATM System in Subsidiary ACC in Khudjand city. He has ICAO Level 4, has got sector endorsements for Tower, Precision and Approach and ACC Units.

The staff and management of the enterprise are proud of the achievement of our colleague and wholeheartedly wish him further success in his work!