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Aviation Meteorological Center

The aviation meteorological center includes aerodrome meteorological stations with a synoptic part in Dushanbe and a branch in Khujand (AMSC), observation teams at international airports and observers at domestic airfields of the country. Weather station facility in Khujand has the longest history in Tajikistan: it was organized back in 1866.

Aviation meteorological authorities perform the following functions:

  • provide production of regular (at fixed intervals), and special observations of weather conditions on the ground with the use of technical means of measurement and visually;

  • Make aviation forecasts for aerodromes of the RT, on the basis of the received, processed and analyzed aero synoptic material;

  • Issue warnings about weather phenomena that could adversely affect aircraft on land and in the air;

  • exchange of  meteorological information with other meteorological offices;

  • Conduct consultations of flight crew members, prepare and provide flight crews with flight meteorological documentation, and provide other aviation users with meteorological information as well;

  • Study the climatic conditions of the underserved flight areas.